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How Often Should You Back Up Your Computer Data?

Posted - 02/21/2012

All computers should be backed up if the user cares at all about the data on the computer. There will come a time when the hard drive will fail and the only data that will remain is that which is backed up on an external hard drive or some other location, unless the user chooses to purchase expensive data recovery services. However, the importance of the data dictates how often the computer is backed up. Those who use their computers mostly for web browsing might choose to back up their computers every couple of months. However, for a computer used for business purposes, a computer failure can have major financial consequences and the data might be backed up on a daily basis.

The computer owner should perform an analysis of the costs of replacing the lost data vs. the cost of backing up the data when factoring in how often the computer should be backed up. Data loss often results from a hardware failure. When this happens, users will be happy that they still have their data backed up, but the next step will be to get the computer back in working order. The best way to do this is to hire a professional computer repair service.
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